Battered Weatherboards Restored

A constant barrage of weather took its toll on this homes wooden weatherboards and windows.
villa with scaffolding
villa painted 1/2 tea

Since 1925 this home has stood overlooking Little Shoal Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. During this time it has been subjected to a constant barrage of weather and it took its toll on the homes wooden weatherboards and windows. Adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and unique brass fittings the house painters carefully prepared and painted this home to ensure the finish will last the test of time, and weather.

Several sections required the paint to be removed back to bare timber. The paint removal was achieved using the Paintshaver Pro and commercial sanders. All machines are connected to a vacuum to reduce dust and debris onsite.

Once the sanding preparation was completed the bare weatherboard timber and windows received a coat of a primer, sealer undercoat. Filling, sanding, and siliconing was then undertaken to reduce any imperfections and achieve a sound surface for the colour coats.

Once the filled areas were re-primed the weatherboards received 2 full coats of Resene 1/2 Tea and the windows were top coated using Resene 1/4 Tea.

villa with scaffoldingvilla painted 1/2 tea

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